Monday, July 25, 2011

True...Sort of by Katherine Hannigan

True (--sort of) by Katherine Hannigan
Greenwillow Books

For most of her eleven years, Delly has been in trouble without knowing why, until her little brother, R.B., and a strange, silent new friend, Ferris, help her find a way to be good--and happy--again.


  1. This has been my favorite book so far. Loved so much about it. The language was realistic "kid-speak." The plot flowed evenly, kept you interested. The use of humor right on, uplifting but not preachy. Loved how Delly's and Brud's story was shared in short snippets. The characters are loveable and realistic. Loved how Delly worked out her problems on her own, with help of clues from RB and Clarice. It was great that what hurt Delly the most was her mother's reaction, so true with kids, yet adults sometimes forget. Of what I've read so far, I think this would be my vote for Newbery this year.

  2. This books powerfully portrays the inner lives of children -- all the unexpected depths behind silence, or behind hyperactivity -- and thus made me reflect a lot on parenting. At times it made me ache, thinking, "I wonder if my child has felt that?" Some plot elements were a bit weak, especially at the end, but the characters, and the complex relationships between siblings and friends, were memorably drawn.

  3. I thought the biggest strength of this book was the way the author understands children & their minds--just as Anne said. It was painful to read as an adult, and I sympathized a lot with Delly's mom. And I agree that the plot was a bit weak in spots, although I'd have to scramble now to delineate those. I did enjoy reading this; very compelling.