Friday, June 25, 2010

Some titles that will be on our 2011 Mock Newbery list

With the help of my friend Kathy, I've started to compile a handy dandy list of contenders for the 2011 Newbery Award. Have I read any of them yet? Well, I've seen the covers of many and am dreaming about reading them...does that count? Guess my answer is no. Future looms large with great reads--looking forward to these titles. Some have been published, many are upcoming:

The Night Fairy by Schlitz

They Called Themselves the KKK by Bartoletti

A Million Shades of Gray by Kadohata

One Crazy Summer by Williams-Garcia

Mockingjay by Collins

A Conspiracy of Kings by Turner

As Easy as Falling Off the Face of the Earth by Perkins

Any favorites I've missed? Feel free to share suggestions with me! Much appreciated. I'll be keeping a running list soon, along with space for folks to post their comments and questions concerning specific titles.


  1. I just picked up a Million Shades of Gray and have heard great things about One Crazy Summer.
    Can you read Conspiracy of Kings without reading the rest of the series?

  2. Not sure if you can; I need to get my hands on an ARC and see. If you can't, then it's not strong enough for the Newbery...

  3. Can't wait to read Mockingjay! See you at the Mock Newbery club, or just around the library!
    -B. Gibley

  4. Glad you're checking out the blog B. Gibley! Good to hear from you.